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 Children and chiropractic are a natural pairing.  The main goal of chiropractic is to allow and promote the greatest natural expression of life and health.  It is only natural then to understand that there is no reason to wait years or even decades for stress and trauma to build.  By that time you will have missed major growth phases and these beautiful developing beings will never realize their full potential.  Research out of Germany showed that 80% of newborns suffer neurospinal damage as a direct result of the birth process.  The recommendation was that all children be examined for such damage.  Chiropractors are the only trained doctors to perform this and know how to correct it.  If you are a parent, child care is very gentle, you will not be sorry for bestowing this gift on your children.  We have family  packages that make care very affordable.

A partial list of signs a child’s spine is not healthy