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Developing fetus showing the brain, spinal cord and spine.

Innate Intelligence

    Way back when you were one cell large, there was a wisdom inside that cell that knew exactly how to build an entire human being.  This is the spark of life.  Every living thing has its own form of this.  It animates the whole world.

    In order for it to work, it needs connections throughout the body to constantly monitor the environment.  These connections are your nerves.  There is a central processing center, the brain.  All other systems in the body are merely there to support the central nervous system, to keep it alive.

The Master System

    Your central nervous system is the master control system.  It controls and coordinates all body function.  Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors are not focused on the back bones, they are focused on reducing and removing damage to the nervous system.  Why?  Because you live your life through it.  Everything you see, touch, taste, smell and feel, all your thoughts, how much you love, how you handle stress is all through the nervous system.  All other systems in your body are their merely to support and keep your nervous system alive.

    With a properly functioning nervous system, you express yourself to your fullest potential.  When it is damaged you do not.  By removing the damage to the system, the chiropractor allows your nerves to have healthy function which in turn directs the organs, tissues and cells to have healthy function in return.

“Look well to the spine as the cause of all disease.”  Hippocrates


“Nature needs no help, just no interference.” B.J. Palmer