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Structural Correction
Dr. Scott Alderson
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   Structural versus traditional chiropractic:

Traditional chiropractors work to treat minor aches and pains by;

   There are a number of these style of chiropractors around and for the most part, they do excellent work.

   In our office we focus on structural correction. Why structural correction? Because structure begets function. When there is a structural shift(s) in the spine , then there are likely to be secondary problems that arise.

   So what is a structural shift?

   This is when an event, or a collection of events, lead to damage of the neuro-spinal system.

   This shift then starts to create secondary conditions. The most obvious would be that the muscles have to work harder to keep them upright.

   By focusing on the origin, the structural shift, and working on correcting that, we can help by minimizing the chance that the secondary conditions recur.

Our Approach

Secondary Conditions:

Neck & Back Pain                                      Sciatica & Hip Pain

Numbness & Tingling            Muscular Spasm & Tension

Headaches (Including Migraine)                   Pinched Nerve

Herniated Disc                                                           Stenosis

Scoliosis                                 Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease    Degenerative Joint Disease

Decreased Range of Motion               Muscular Imbalance

Dizziness/Vertigo                        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome