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    The brain controls and coordinates all body function.  You live your life through your nervous system.  Think of it this way, if you severe the brain/body connection at the base of the skull, death is instantaneous.  The brain is literally responsible for life.  Now if you were to go farther down the spine and severe a nerve where it exits the spine, wherever that nerve goes, dies.
    When there are twists and kinks in the spine (subluxations), they choke off and damage the nerves.  Now whatever part of the body controlled by those nerves no longer functions properly.  Chiropractors restore health through the process of adjusting the spine to reduce the damage to the nerves.  This then allows your body's nervous (master control) system to restore normal physiological function.
The basics
Shock Absorber

Understanding the interpretation of symptoms is important but symptoms themselves are not the only way to measure one’s health.  Sometimes they can be misleading.

The spine itself is a very intricate shock absorber.  It has 24 moveable bones held together by discs that provide the cushioning. Managing the accumulation of stress is critical to health.

Research out of Germany showed that 80% of newborns suffer damage to the nerves and spine at the top of the neck.  Most often this goes undetected and leads to future problems.

Master System

You live your life through your nervous system.  Everything you feel, how much you love and care, sense, see, taste, hear, etc. How well you heal, deal with stress, the list goes on.

The subluxation process of the spine is simple. It is how the spine adapts to limit the damage of stress. Sprains and strains to the neurospinal system accumulate over time and decrease your ability to express true potential.