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The Subluxation Process

    Your spine has many functions.  Two of its major jobs are to absorb stress and to protect the spinal cord and nerves.  Over the course of time the accumulation of stress causes the spine to buckle.  Think of it as little sprains and strains.  Sometimes there is a large trauma that can be attributed to a particular kink but most often it is occurring day by day.  The twists and kinks that develop are called subluxations and they start to damage the very nerves that the spine is supposed to protect.  When you view the whole neurospinal system as a single unit, this is the subluxation process.

The middle nerve (yellow) to the right is being damaged by the alteration of the structure of the spine caused by stress.

    Over the course of time, the spine will decay because of the damage.  The discs will start to bulge, then herniate and finally collapse (degenerate).  The bones will grow spurs and get thicker as well as the joints.

    The longer the damage is allowed to progress the more difficult it becomes to halt and reverse.  Waiting for pain to develop as an indicator of neurospinal health is poor decision,  Only 10% of the nerve system perceives pain so nerve damage can progress without you even feeling it.