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  Generally speaking it is the symptom that we cannot tolerate that drives us to seek out help.  Those that we can explain away or deal with, we do.  But what about symptoms?

  A big fallacy that we have been sold on is that treating symptoms alters your health.  This is completely false.

  Think of it this way, taking the batteries out of the fire alarm doesn’t put the fire out.  Taking a medication to silence your warning system (symptom) does not fix things either.

  A symptom is nothing more than a conscious awareness of a body process.  That process can be normal or not.

  Eating a tainted sandwich and then having diarrhea is a normal symptom.  Taking a medication to stop the symptom is sick.  It locks the poison in your intestines.

  Symptoms can also be warning signs telling you to beware.

  Chiropractic is different because it honors that difference.  Chiropractors work to correct the cause of the malfunction fully realizing that the symptom will be self corrected when the body functions properly.

  Because of that distinction, the chiropractor doesn’t technically treat the symptom.  Interestingly, chiropractic has become the largest natural health profession in the world because it is so successful at alleviating symptoms.

  The chart to the right shows the relationship between the neurospinal system and some of the potential symptoms.